Stillness as Worship

A form of worship I really connect with is through song. I’ve always had a heart for worship but I found myself pushing so hard to have those ‘God encounters’ that I forgot what worship really meant.

A couple months ago I found myself at the peak of this ‘dry worship’ period. I was doing a lot of big things for God. I attend church/small groups and worship services but found myself caught up in the logistics of it all. I’d get distracted by what the band was going to play next or if I knew the words or if I was singing in the right key.

I remember one evening this summer I was at Orientation in Gretna on the MBMission ACTION program. Worship had begun and I remember that day being spirtually challenging. A song started being played that I didn't know and I got frustrated because it felt like I was failing God. I was pushing so hard to sing and do what I thought was ‘praise’ that I completely missed actually giving Him what He desires most. My heart.

In that moment, I learned the beauty of stillness in the Lord. I stopped singing and opened my heart, ears, and mind to tune into the others around me. I listened to the cry of their hearts and was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. His love and life became so alive and energetic to me in that moment. A whole new aspect of worship was revealed to me. In Psalm 46:10, His Word says “Be still, and know that I am God”.

Naomi Ratte

Bread We Break

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