Praying for Our City

BWB bi-weekly prayer meetings have been providing focus to my prayer life and my vision to our city. Before I started attending this past semester, I have been getting nudges to start contending for our city. But the reality is I felt discouraged because I had no one to share this vision with, plus that I simply didn’t know where to start. I started asking God to send me a group of individuals that have experienced God’s transformation in their lives, and willing to corporately seek his will and his presence in every inch of our city... And then I found BWB prayer meetings.

The turnout fluctuates, but the Holy Spirit continues to stir in us dreams, longings and burdens for both our lives and our city. The Dec 16th meeting has topped my experience so far… When a handful of us got together and started praying for joy over our lives and over WPG. Our prayers shared the same theme: God’s reign in our city. But this time I felt that the prayer of one person complimented the other’s; the holy spirit was starting to align our thoughts and words with his, and the worship contained the cries of one heart, one body interceding for one cause.

I want encourage you to come check out the prayer meetings. You don’t even have to have that zeal for a city-wide transformation yet. But I guarantee you that as soon as you start praying with us, you will realize that Winnipeg has been on God’s mind way way before it has been on any of ours. You will be challenged (and maybe stretched out your comfort zone) to be specific and intentional in your prayers, and you will meet fellow believers that TOGETHER can build a church that no gates of Hell can overcome !

Andrew Laban

Bread We Break

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