Prayer Happened

Normally I really get into it and really feel the Spirit fill me in worship at BWB and I was sooo ready to experience that again this past BWB (Sept 29), but I must confess that that evening, I just wasn’t feeling it and I kept getting distracted. Right away I thought that something was wrong with me or weighing me down, so I sat down and prayed for God to eliminate these distractions and help me be in a better place spiritually to worship Him… and suddenly PRAYER HAPPENED.

I’ve never been much of a pray-er, never really been good at finding the right words, but that evening it just poured out of me. I wasn’t even thinking as I did so, it all just spilled and gushed out of me and as I sat there mumbling these prayers I felt the overwhelming spirit of our Lord filling every inch of me. And yet the distractions persisted, and so I tried to figure out what it was that was distracting me. Eventually I realized that they were people, programs, events, and communities that God had placed on my heart and I kept praying as I never have before.

And so I had gone into BWB that evening expecting to be fulfilled and experience His presence in one way and was initially disappointed when I didn’t, but God had a whole ‘nother plan for me. I also met and spoke with so many amazing people, both who I really needed in my life, and who in some way really needed me in theirs. I know that God has amazing plans for those relationships and I know there are many blessings still to come.

Noah Falk

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