Conversation as Worship

Worshipping God for me always seemed to be a formula. Like there is one specific way to worship an infinite God. But when I started to think about what worshipping God means to me I could begin doing it in a way that meant the most to me.

I think worshipping God is experiencing Him in a way where you know more of who He is through what you are doing. I think there are lots of ways to worship God and I love to do it through conversation. I think talking is the best way we are able to express ourselves and God is in that expression. I sometimes leave conversations feeling like my world has been rocked because of how connected I felt to the other person. That’s a great testimony to God and how he wants to connect to us in everything we do, and how he cares about even the small things that happen in our lives.

When I’m talking with someone, and we are honest and comfortable enough to allow encouragement, that’s really special. I think it’s a great way to honour, love, and worship God in that conversation. When you are talking with someone and you start crying and feel safe enough to go there, I feel so much of God’s heart towards us and how vulnerable we can be with him. And when you can just be truly joyful with a group and create an atmosphere where people feel included and excited to be there. It speaks to how inclusive God is and how much he wants us all to be connected with him and each other.

Whether it’s someone you’ve known your whole life or just met today I believe there’s a way to worship and know God better by having a conversation with them.

Taylor Brown

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