Changing Lives Through God's Word

I have been working at Canadian LifeLight Ministries (CLLM) as their Administrative Coordinator for the past 4 months.  CLLM is a Christian non-profit organization that serves Christ by helping provide Bibles in contemporary language to churches and individuals for outreach and personal learning. We carry paperback Bibles, leather like ones, study and foreign language Bibles, children’s and youth Bibles as well as tracts, so there’s something for everyone! By having a good selection people can find exactly what they need for the individuals they are giving it to, so it’s more personal, like a gift, which makes it easier to evangelize too. What a great resource this is for our community! I have been so encouraged to hear stories of what God is doing in the North and in Winnipeg as people distribute our Bibles.

God’s Word is changing lives, and more people than I realized are doing street ministry right here in my own backyard. I have seen a range of people anywhere from the ages of 8 - 80 picking up Bibles to distribute throughout the city, and it makes me so happy to know that even though there are many lost souls here, God is reaching them one by one. We have been able to partner with other missionaries who are making a difference by getting Bibles into people’s hands, which may seem like a simple task, but is not, considering that we are a non-profit organization and must raise funds for all our Bibles and other costs, so God has been coming alongside of us to help us keep doing the Great Commission. It is daunting at times, yet I am encouraged to be a part of this ministry as I know that God will Bless us. And as we partner with new ministries and individuals, all helping to spread God’s Word, we will continue to grow closer as a community and in fellowship with one another which is so important too. We need to be as one Body, the Body of Christ, and this is one way God is helping us to do that - Praise the Lord!

Roxanne Fuchs

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