Bread Prophecy

"I saw a fountain out of Winnipeg.  As it sprung up out of the ground it turned into a manifestation of a whole, uncut loaf of bread.  The outer spray of the fountain reached east and west to the boundaries of Manitoba.  Another fountain sprung forth within the first, and the spray of it catapulted upward higher than the first.  The spray covered east to the Ontario/Quebec border and west to the Saskatchewan/Alberta border.  A third fountain gushed forth from the middle of the other two great continuing sprays of loaves of bread.  It too found a greater pressure to extend its influence eastward to the Quebec/Maine and Atlantic borders and westward to the Alberta/B.C. border.  Again a fourth spray under a great gusher rose higher than the other three and sprayed out eastward past P.E.I.  The ocean was covered in loaves of bread.  I did not see Newfoundland receive bread but I did not lift my eyes northward, but seemed to carry out a line from the latitude of Wpg. and southward as I went east.  The westward flow of the opposite side of this fourth gusher landed out in the Pacific Ocean.  The spray continued as a mighty fountain.  Then the axis of the fountain turned to the north and south of Winnipeg.  Northward the loaves tumbled upward to Baffin Island and the Arctic areas and some loaves tumbled up and over the top of the world.  It was here that a most glorious thing happened…the flow all seemed to emphasize a downpour over the US/Canada border.

The bread traveled on rivers, first of all into the Dakotas, in a westerly but outward flow.  This bread flowed with a torrent through Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, at which time the whole of the Mississippi River system (including the Missouri River) carried these loaves down to the Gulf of Mexico. The loaves leaped from the mouth of the Gulf into every island of the West Indies.  At this ime the glorious manifestation of this Living Bread caused a great expelling of demonic and voodoo spirits.  Some of the islands were so cleansed that great light penetrated areas of darkness and strongholds of demonic activity were vacated.  The loaves continued to go around South America, banging into the far westerly coast and then went out of sight.

The Lord spoke clearly to me as I began to review and return to Winnipeg in my vision.  I found the fountain still flowing and a great cloud of witnesses and the testimony of Jesus still was on the city.  I was lying on my back throughout this time.  The Spirit of God said, “This is the Bread of My Presence.  I will feed My people, My word for I am the Bread of Life.  I will nourish, I will strengthen, I will enlarge the church’s authority from this place.”

The oven of the Church was such that they had learned to bake bread and would no longer scorch or burn the bread and He was trusting Winnipeg to influence the world with the tastiness of Himself.  He said many would want to eat the bread because it looked good and smelled wonderful and God would give each who would partake daily a taste for this bread.  He said others would look and say ”What is it? What is it?” This will not be understood by the religious.  The wolves in the church will expose themselves and speak against making this bread.  They will want to know where the meat is. Winnipeg will reply that it is exactly what they are speaking of.  It is Manna from above.

God is so pleased with Winnipeg’s desire to be one Church that He says to you to endure and keep baking bread.  There is a great spiritual side of enlightenment that will come but there is also a social aspect of this move of God, even providing food for the hungry.  The one will work hand-in-hand with the other.  Winnipeg, you will affect all of Canada.  The world will come to see you make bread.  They will learn from you and will take the recipe to their Nations and the manifest presence of His holiness will touch their nations."

 Ruth Wall


 "When zealous Americans sought to persecute them because of this decision, the Spirit of the Lord spoke through their prophets saying, "Do not hinder these people. Let them move to Canada. Do not seek to incorporate the land of Canada into America. I am in the independence of America from Britain, and will mightily use this country. But Canada has been reserved by me for the last days for a special work..."."

Prophesied by: Gordon Grieve on August 24, 1997 in Toronto, Canada.

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